Whether you are a freelance filmmaker, a production company or a broadcaster, John Dutton Productions can provide you with a menu of services to help you get your natural history and science-based films ready for the English speaking market.

Working from our Los Angeles based offices, our international creative team provides support with script development, writing and translation services, as well as assistance while filming on location and during post-production.


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Scripting services

Whatever stage of development you are at, getting buy-in of your project is essential. That means using language that will transform your project into a format that can be fully understood by potential creative and financial partners and distributors.

Our team of experienced creative and science writers have written films for Hollywood as well as for museums and scientific institutions, and will help develop your script for the English-speaking market transforming it into the best possible product ready for presentation and sale. Services include:

  • Research
  • Outlines
  • Scriptwriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Re-writes
  • Pitches
  • Translations
  • Film trailer scripting and video editing
  • Storyboards and visual aids
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Script to film
production services

As any Producer knows, having a script does not mean anything unless you are able to film it - and filming wildlife and science-based projects in remote areas on foreign soil can pose many daunting challenges.

Our experienced, well-traveled team can provide a variety of services to ensure your production runs smoothly. Services include:

  • Recce potential locations for story
  • Secure permit requirements
  • Identify local production partners as well as scientific experts.
  • Liaise with international partners
  • Public relations services
  • Write production blogs
  • Behind-the-scenes photography and filming (Including 360º VR) 
  • Create "making-of" web content (including 360º VR)
  • Incorporate social media

Post-Production Translation Services

The old axiom is true: writing is re-writing. Unfortunately poor writing and translation or interpretation can skew meaning and confuse the audience.

If your original script is still a little rough or originates from a foreign language, our team will proof it to ensure that the English narration is meaningful and complements the story and the visuals. Services include: 

  • Re-writes
  • Translations
  • Trailer narration and text
  • Narrator recording (temp track and final)
  • Narrator casting assistance
  • Behind-the-scenes web blog series
  • Newsletters
  • Copy for PR, marketing and promotion
  • Closed captioning and sub-titles
  • In-house post-production film editing



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