In January 2016, I visited India on a 3-week trip and had the good fortune to meet some of the most hard-working, passionate conservationists - both scientists and non-scientists. Traveling to the east and west coasts of India, I accompanied Dr. Manjula Tiwari, a marine turtle scientist with NOAA, and along the way I learned much about India, its people, and about conservation in India - especially about sea turtle conservation.  

This is a journal not only of my experiences, but about the individuals and groups who are bringing about change and making difference to wildlife conservation in India. It is divided into four parts reflecting the various Indian states visited. On the west coast - Maharastra and Gujarat; on the east coast - Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.


Mangos, stargazing and a festival that celebrates sea turtles. An eco-tourism model that is working.


How two people are making a difference in conservation.


Scientists conduct in-water research during the olive ridely mating season.

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ANDhra pradesh and TAMIL NADU

One woman who mobilized fishing communities to be involved in sea turtle conservation along the south eastern coast.

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