For the past 20 years I have sought out clients and partners who are committed in some way to the conservation of our planet. From the coastal waters of California and Mexico to the mountains of Europe; from the frigid waters of the Pacific to the forests of Indonesia and to the remote beaches of the Solomon Islands, I have been a part of stories that speak to nature and the world we live in.

Here is a collection of these stories.


The Hudson River: Journey Into The Wild

Currently in production.

Dir. John Dutton | DP. Jacob Steinberg Prod. Roman Landau / Matthias Ninaus Co-Production: Skyland Productions / RAN Films


The Pacific Leatherback Sea Turtle

Currently playing at the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries Exploration Center theater in Santa Cruz, California.


Styria Region Unlimited

This corporate video developed and written for ScienceVision Filmproduktion in Austria, was commissioned by the Styrian Chamber of Commerce. Breaking out of the mould of traditional corporate filmmaking, it received a Gold Remi Award at the WorldFest Houston, TX 2015; received a certificate of creative excellence at the US Film & Video Festival in California, and was nominated for an award at the Staatspreis Wirtschaftfilm 2015, in Vienna, Austria. 


Behind National Park 360º 

A high-tech, high-energy behind-the-scenes look at the "making-of" this revolutionary 360º film. Credits: Writing



In the Future Reptiles episode, of the BBC's Dragons Alive series, the segment on green turtles in San Diego Bay relies on my footage to tell the story.   


Gray Whale ReseArch (3-Part Series)

This series was created for NOAA to commemorate 40 years of gray whale research in the Pacific. Credits: Writer / Producer / Director / Camera / Editor.



This is a trailer to the short film, which reveals the important work of the unique Whale Disentanglement Response Teams. 

Whale Disentanglement Network is a five-minute immersion into the dangerous and adrenaline filled work of an elite group of people involved in rescuing whales entangled in fishing gear. Screened at San Francisco Ocean Film Festival 2011, St. Petersburg Ocean Film Festival 2011, IWC Norway



NOAA scientists research the bottom of the ocean in a 2-man submersible and discover that marine debris extends far beyond the coast. This video by John Dutton Productions shows the current research off the coast of California - and some of their discoveries. For more information about the great research being done click here: ( and



I had the great fortune to edit for Director, Kevin White / Full Frame Productions.

Film description excerpt from Full Frame Productions website : The seabirds on Anacapa Island were in significant decline due to predation by the non-native Black Rat. In order to restore balance to the Anacapa Island ecosystem, a group of non-profit, government, and educational organizations came together to remove these predators in 2001 and 2002. Ten years after removing the non-native rats, the ecosystem on Anacapa Island, including rare seabirds, is showing profound results of recovery.

This short piece is featured on the Channel Islands National Park website and a longer piece is displayed in the Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center. Follow this link to view the 15 minute version.


Awarded Ocean Conservation Award at the Santa Barbara Ocean Film Festival. Verging on extinction in the Pacific, giant leatherback turtles have long kept a secret that has eluded scientists.  With a need for knowledge to conserve them, U.S. scientists launch an ambitious research mission. For the first time ever, they chart the leatherback's unprecedented 6,500-mile migration across the Pacific from Monterey Bay to natal beaches in Indonesia.  Called "one of the most surprising discoveries in the history of ocean ecology," this jurassic journey has led to the collaboration between cultures and governments to protect one of the most important nesting beaches in the Pacific.



When the small Mexican fishing village of Bahia de Los Angeles is threatened by economic collapse they take matters into their own hands and develop an economic recovery plan.